The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) works for the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction and the prevention of armed conflict. We promote peace through research, advocacy, peace education and partnerships. Please use our many resources on nuclear weapons, power and waste, peace and conflicts.

Our professional not-for-profit organisation has branches across Australia, and works globally through the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Please consider joining us, or supporting our work with a donation.

Recent News

MAPW - Conventions on chemical, biological and environmental warfare - 2014

Some means of waging war are so inhumane, or represent such a violation of human rights, that their use is considered a war crime. Chemical and biological weapons, and environmental warfare, are all illegal under international law, on these grounds.

Update on the health effects of French nuclear testing in the Pacific

France conducted atmospheric and underground nuclear bomb tests at Mururoa atoll in the Pacific between 1960 and 1996. The official position is that these were particularly clean.

The War to End All Wars: honouring the dead by learning the lessons

 The "war to end all wars" ushered in a century of violence on an unprecedented scale. A hundred years on, the lessons to be learned appear buried beneath a barrage of commemorative activities. MAPW believes that Australia could best honour those who died by learning from the past.

107 states endorse the humanitarian pledge as NPT Review Conference ends

 May 23, 2015  NEW YORK , USA

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