Environment and war

Environment and war

Nuclear scenarios on a warming earth: Sue Wareham, MAPW: 2008

Address to the conference "Imagining the Real : Life on a Greenhouse Earth" held at ANU, Canberra in June 2008. Dr Wareham presented some reasons that nuclear power is not the solution to climate change; and emphasised a second inconvenient truth . . . 26,000 nuclear weapons, which must be abolished. Dr Sue Wareham OAM is President of MAPW. 

Indian doctors welcome Australian decision not to sell uranium to India

INDIA, 10 JUNE 2008. Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) - MAPW's sister organisation and fellow affiliate of IPPNWi - have issued a press release welcoming Australia's decision not to sell uranium to India, and Prime Minister Rudd's announcement of a new international Commission to advance nuclear disarmament,

Carbon emissions and the military - 2008

MAPW member Dr W.M.Castleden is Chair of Doctors for the Environment. His submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review discussed the carbon emissions of the military, and suggested that reducing defence budgets and promoting peaceable co-existence should form part of the global response to climate change.

The management of radioactive wastes and the disposal of plutonium. Dr Frank Barnaby - 2000

Dr Frank Barnaby outlines the categories of radioactive wastes, the need for a policy on disposal and management of plutonium and its inherent nuclear weapons proliferation aspects. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.

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