Nuclear accidents

Fukushima crisis still hazardous and unpredictable

News from Japan suggests that the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to present unpredictable and uncontrolled hazards for human health and the environment.

In a 10 May interview, Dr Robert Jacobs from the Hiroshima Peace Institute told Russian RT TV that: 

MAPW National Newsletter Autumn 2011

MAPW newsletter as mailed to members. This edition has feature articles on radiation hazards, and on the health risks created by the nuclear reactor crises at Fukushima, and 25 years ago at Chernobyl. 8-page A4. April 2011. 

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Nuclear projections look shaky after Fukushima: Nic Maclellan

In recent years, concern over climate change and the environmental impact of coal-fired plants has spurred renewed interest in generating electricity from nuclear power. But nuclear industry projections for new reactor construction were looking shaky even before the post-tsunami nuclear crisis in Japan. Article by researcher Nic Maclellan: March 2011

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Nuclear power: bequeathing more problems for future generations. Dr Sue Wareham March 2011

Text of presentation by Dr Sue Wareham OAM given at a Forum organised by Christians for an Ethical Society in Canberra, on 24 March 2011.

Dr Bill Williams speaks on Fukushima, and Australia's responsibility (video)

Dr Bill Williams explain MAPW's concerns about Fukushima and the nuclear industry, in this one-minute video.

New MAPW links to Japan nuclear crisis

Links to resources on radiation hazards in Japan, including reports on food and water contamination, have been added to our nuclear accidents page; plus links to Japanese English-language media, and further expert analysis.

MAPW medical specialists urge full disclosure of Japan health risks

MEDIA RELEASE, MELBOURNE  17 MARCH: An MAPW media release laments the lack of accurate information about the continuing nuclear crisis in Japan.

MAPW media release: Medical specialists urge full information on Japan health risks, 17 March 2011

This MAPW media release laments the lack of accurate information about the continuing nuclear crisis in Japan with the Australian government advising its citizens to evacuate 80 km from Fukushima, after reassurances the previous day that the 30km Japanese evacuation zone was adequate.

Japan nuclear crisis: MAPW resources and contacts

MAPW and our expert members can assist with resources and speakers to help explain the health implications of the current nuclear crisis.

For key resouces on nuclear accidents and radiation, see our nuclear accidents page.

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