Nuclear power

Falling behind: international scrutiny of the peaceful atom - 2008

How well can the IAEAi safeguard existing civilian nuclear energy facilities against the threat of nuclear proliferation?

Research reactors and nuclear weapons capability. Dr Jim Green - 2000

Dr Jim Green discusses the links between research reactors and nuclear weapons proliferation, including plutonium production, diversion of highly enriched uranium, weapons related research, production of isotopes for use in nuclear weapons and finally the political elements of weapons proliferation. Dr Green was then a member of Sutherland Shire Council's Nuclear Reactor Taskfor

NPT — Nuclear Proliferation Traders. Jean McSorley - 2000

Jean McSorley, independent anti-nuclear campaigner since 1980, discusses the 2000 NPTi Review Conference and “peaceful uses of nuclear technology”. Paper fr

Proliferation threats: real or imagined. Richard Broinowski - 2000

Former Australian Ambassador and author of Fact or Fission - the Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions, Professor Richard Broinowski gives an overview of the links between nuclear technologies and proliferations risks, and the challenges these pose. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.

Nuclear power no solution to climate change. FoE, MAPW et al: 2005

This report prepared by Friends of the Earth (FoEi)  and supported by MAPW and other groups critiques the argument that nuclear power is a solution to climate change, and documents its hazards for security, the environ

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