Radiation and its effects

Uranium Awareness Roadshow report: MAPW, ACF 2010

The ACFi and MAPW organised a speaking tour of remote communities in the Kimberly area of Western Australia in July, 2010. This booklet provides details and pictures of the tour.

Nuclear medicine explained in MAPW myth-busting fact sheets

A new MAPW fact sheet published today, describes in simple language how what nuclear medicine is, and how it is used for diagnosis and treatment.It also explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (it does not include x-rays, or CT scans, for example).

MAPW fact sheet: Nuclear medicine

This MAPW fact sheet describes how nuclear medicine is used for diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment. It explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (eg x-rays and CT scans). It summarises the dangers of ionising radiation. It debunks two myths: that Australia needs a nuclear reactor to produce radioisotopes (materials for nuclear medicine); and that we need a radioactive waste dump for its waste.

MAPW Victorian dinner: Radiation regulation in Sweden and Australia

Flyer for MAPW Victorian Branch dinner, Tuesday 10 August 2010.

MAPW briefing paper: nuclear power and public health. May 2010

A comprehensive briefing paper on nuclear power and public health, written by Dr Peter Karamoskos MBBS, FRANZCR and initially published online by the Evatt Foundation. This 20-page downloadable version includes full references. The paper discusses evidence regarding both occupational health issues for nuclear industry workers, and broader public health issues.

MAPW fact sheet debunks medical need for NT nuclear waste dump

MAPW has released a new two page fact sheet about the proposed Northern Territory Nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station.

MAPW Fact Sheet: Radiation, 2010

A basic fact sheet on radiation and health, including an explanation of "safe" levels of radiation and a brief discussion of health implications of the nuclear industry.

"Hiroshima and the World": Tilman Ruff on building a world free of nuclear weapons

ICANi Chair, NGOi advisor to the ICNNDi and MAPW former President Associate Professor Tilman Ruff writes in major Japanese newspaper Chugoku Shimbun giving a personal reflection on his own experience in Hiroshima 20 years ago and argues for a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Radiation and health: Energyscience fact sheet November 2006

This comprehensive fact sheet on radiation and health was written by MAPW's Dr Bill Williams, assisted by Dr Peter Karamoskos, for the energyscience website.

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