Missile defence

Silence is Deafening

Letter by Sue Wareham, MAPW Vice President and ACT branch convenor, published Sunday 30 April 2017 in the Age newspaper

Wikileaks: Deception over missile defence - Letter to Canberra Times

THURSDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2011: MAPW's Immediate Past President Dr Sue Wareham OAM, had this letter published in today's Canberra Times:

Boeing and the global weapons trade: MAPW and partners, 2008

This fact sheet looks Boeing and its role in arms production  and in particular Boeing's role in missile defence. It was prepared by Dale Hess and is No 9 in a series on the global weapons trade.

China, profits and power, Dr Hannah Middleton - 2000

 A paper presented by Dr Hannah Middleton to the 2000 MAPW national conference. It explores the proposed National Missile Defence program of the United States and suggests that the real target for this program is China.

Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and US withdrawal - 2002

 A talking points document developed in response to the 2002 withdrawal of the United States from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Strategic Defence Initiative

Strategic Defence Initiative

MAPW policy adopted in 1986


MAPW (Australia) believes that the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) is a dangerous development in the arms race.

It increases the risk of nuclear war and this contributes to the growing psychological problems experienced by people throughout the world.

Missile defence policy

MAPW policy adopted in 2004

MAPW is strongly opposed to any Australian involvement in the proposed United States missile defence system (hereafter MD).

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