Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons: the cause of unspeakable suffering

As North Korea heightens tensions by testing a nuclear bomb, a timely new publication documents the "unspeakable suffering" caused by nuclear weapons.

Peter Underwood speaks on Hiroshima

On Sunday 16 December Dr Peter Underwood spoke on the ABC's Occam's razor on his trip to Hiroshima for the IPPNWi meeting in August.

Catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons

Watch the new IPPNWi presentation on the medical, humanitarian and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and the reasons why nuclear weapons must be eliminated.

MAPW National Newsletter Spring 2012

This issue of MAPW's national newsletter features a report by Dr Jenny Grounds on the biennial IPPNWi Congress in Hiroshima

Hazards of selling Australian uranium to India

Julia Gillard's visit to India this week is expected to try to pave the way for Australian uranium sales to India. MAPW has consistently opposed the sale of uranium to India, which is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and has refused to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

World Food Day: risk of nuclear famine

MAPW President Dr Jenny Grounds writes: Today is World Food Day which highlights the continuing disparities in food supply around the planet. On this day let us acknowledge that nuclear weapons present a huge threat to production of food.

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