25 Years of Action to Ban Landmines

Event Date: 
Mon, 27/02/2017 - 19:00 - 21:00
Mercedes College lecture theatre, 540 Fullarton Road, Springfield, SA

Members and supporters of SafeGround warmly invite you to join them as they revisit 25 years of action to ban landmines

RSVP please by 13 February to or phone Adrian on 08 8271 3200 or Helen on 08 83819928

Lend support to UN Mine Awareness Day

4 April 2012 is United Nations Landmine Awareness Day. You can show your solidarity with the survivors of landmines by joining the "Lend your leg" campaign.

The accidental teacher: a true story from Laos

This is a story sent to us by someone working with students in Laos.It shows the suffering of those who live their day to day lives in close contact with unexploded ordinance. We have omitted the name of the author in order to avoid him/her getting into any trouble with the authorities. 

Sue Wareham speaks at ASEAN Landmine Victim Assistance meeting

Dr Sue Wareham, President for MAPW, recently gave a speech at the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting in regards of landmines and the effects they have on victims.

The global weapons trade: fact sheets 7-12, MAPW and partners 2008

A package of six fact sheets prepared by MAPW and partners on the global weapons trade. Individual fact sheets cover five major global weapons manufacturers; and indiscriminate weapons - cluster munitions, landmines and depleted uranium.

Cluster munitions, landmines and depleted uranium: MAPW and partners, 2008

This fact sheet gives a brief introduction to cluster munitions, land mines and depleted uranium weapons, and to their manufacture. These are all weapons causing indiscriminate harm to civilians. It was prepared by Dale Hess and is number 7 in a series on the global weapons trade.


MAPW policy adopted May 2004

In this policy statement, the term landmine is used to cover anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines. It does not apply to other unexploded ordinance or to booby traps.

Policy Text:
The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) notes that:

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