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Why Australians should be prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq: Tim Wright, 2009

This article by Tim Wright (first published in the Alternative Law Journal, Volume 34, No.3, 2009) assesses whether there is a legal and factual basis for the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Australian leaders and soldiers for war crimes committed in Iraq.

Add your voice to the medical alert for a strong arms trade treaty

The Medical Alert for a strong Arms Trade Treaty is a campaign by IPPNWi (International Physicians for the Prevention of War) to save lives and promote health through influencing the current UN negotiations on a global arms treaty. Please help by adding your signature and sending the link to colleagues in hospitals, universities etc.

Loopholes in Cluster Munitions Bill undermine legislation: Media Release, Cluster Munitions Association (Australia), November 2011

Media release from Cluster Munitions Association (Australia) responding to reports that ALP Parliamentary Caucus has voted not to amend draft legislation to ratify the global treaty banning cluster bombs.

Cluster bomb loopholes disregard purpose of global treaty

ALP Caucus votes to stick by US military and remain soft on cluster bomb ban: Cluster Munitions Coalition

22 NOVEMBER 2011: ALP caucus yesterday voted NOT to amend its widely criticised Cluster Munitions Prohibition bill to remove two loopholes that defy the whole intention of the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

US military presence, cluster bombs, and uranium sales: MAPW members speak out

Updated 23 November: President Obama's Australian visit has sparked announcements of an expanded US military presence in Australia -raising the possibility of storage of banned cluster bombs - while the PM has made clear her intention to change policy on uranium sales to India. Our members have spoken on radio, and once again written numerous letters to the media.

Send a Sock to Stephen: MAPW supports cluster bombs campaign

MAPW has joined organisations around Australia to send socks to Defence Minister Stephen Smith as a sad reminder of the human costs of cluster bombs.

Draft legislation before the Government would seriously weaken the important international treaty which bans cluster munitions.

Cluster bomb legislation: "Sock" flyer, November 2011

A flyer designed by a coalition of peace groups including MAPW, active against the use of cluster bombs. The flyer is to be sent to Stephen Smith, Minister for Defence, protesting against proposed legislation on cluster bombs, which could see Australia supporting US use of cluster bombs and the stockpiling of such weapons within Australia.

March of the drones

Event Date: 
Thu, 17/11/2011 - 16:00 - 18:00

March against the war in Afghanistan, planned to coincide with the visit to Australia of US President Barack Obama.

The accidental teacher: a true story from Laos

This is a story sent to us by someone working with students in Laos.It shows the suffering of those who live their day to day lives in close contact with unexploded ordinance. We have omitted the name of the author in order to avoid him/her getting into any trouble with the authorities. 

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