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Flyer: MAPW Victorian dinner with John Rodsted - October 2011

MAPW Victorian Branch holds a dinner for members and supporters on the second Tuesday of every second month. Our 11 October 2011 guest speaker is photographer and anti-cluster-bombs campaigner John Rodsted, whose experience as a war photographer led him to take up the issue of cluster munitions. (Black and white A4 flyer)

Criminal code amendment on cluster bombs

Report on the limitations of the criminal code amendment on cluster bombs.

MAPW fact sheet : Drones and robotic warfare. March 2011.

Drones are UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, which carry missiles and are controlled remotely. They are widely deployed in Afghanistan and have recently been used in the aerial bombardment of Lybia. This fact sheet outlines the various concerns which surround the use of robots in warfare.

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MAPW urges Parliament to strengthen cluster munitions treaty

MAPW has made a submission to the Senate, urging that legislation currently before the Parliament be amended to strengthen, rather than undermine, the recent international treaty aiming to ban these shocking weapons.

Cluster Munitions bill 2010: MAPW submission to Australian Senate inquiry

MAPW's submission to the Australian Senate's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee’s inquiry into the Criminal Code Amendment (Cluster Munitions Prohibition) Bill 2010. The submission covers areas of the bill that we believe are noteworthy and should be retained, as well as areas that cause great concern.

MAPW discussion paper: robotics warfare in Afghanistan: December 2010

Discussion paper on the history of robotic warfare, and in particular on the use of "drones", remotely controlled robotic aircraft, in Afghanistan. Written by Jenny Gerrand for MAPW, and published in December 2010 (with minor updates May 2011), this paper considers the new psychology of war when weapons are operated by office workers thousands of kilometres from their victims.

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MAPW Dr Sue Wareham : ACT disability services award for major weapons manufacturer?

MAPW Immediate Past President Dr Sue Wareham has written to ACT Chief Minister Mr John Stanhope concerning the Minister's Award of Excellence for services to people with a disability given to Raytheon Australia. Dr Wareham's letter notes 'there is a terrible irony in the receipt of such an award by a major weapons manufacturer.'

Sue Wareham speaks at ASEAN Landmine Victim Assistance meeting

Dr Sue Wareham, President for MAPW, recently gave a speech at the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting in regards of landmines and the effects they have on victims.

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