Doctors slam uranium miner over junk science on radiation safety

A statement signed by 45 medical doctors calls on uranium mining company Toro Energy to stop promoting the view that low-level radiation is beneficial to human health. 

Toro Energy plans to mine uranium at Wiluna in WA and has interests in uranium exploration ventures in the NT and SA. The company has sponsored speaking tours by controversial Canadian scientist Doug Boreham to present the fringe scientific view that radiation is beneficial to human health.

MAPW's Dr Peter Karamoskos describes the promotion of such marginal views without any counter-balance as irresponsible, noting that recent research has heightened rather than reduced concern about the adverse health impacts of low-level radiation."

MAPW WA representative Dr Harry Cohen says that Toro Energy have sponsored "employee radiation training" by Dr Boreham, which he describes as a dangerous and unacceptable situation which could threaten the health and welfare of mine workers.

There has been considerable concern about mine safety in Western Australia. Eight deaths in a 14 month period in 2009 sparked an inquiry into Mines Safety inspectors the following year. There have now been 27 new staff employed by the relevant government department to address mines safety issues