Fukushima crisis still hazardous and unpredictable

News from Japan suggests that the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to present unpredictable and uncontrolled hazards for human health and the environment.

In a 10 May interview, Dr Robert Jacobs from the Hiroshima Peace Institute told Russian RT TV that: 

  • Workers entering Reactor No 1 for the first time since the accident, were unable to stay inside to work, due to high radiation levels.
  • Reactor No 4 -which holds spent fuel rods on its upper level - is leaning, and the government is working to shore up the upper floor to prevent it collapsing.
  • There are high levels of contamination outside the official exclusion zone
  • There are indications in one location that the groundwater is contaminated

Worth viewing:  Dr Jacobs' 10 May interview