MAPW supports Doctors4Refugees High Court Action

3rd August 2016

The Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) strongly endorses the High Court challenge to the secrecy provisions of the Border Force Act launched last week by the organisation Doctors for Refugees.

It is an important part of health care that doctors and other health workers are free to speak out when health care provision is not adequate. The conditions in the offshore detention centres have been reported as actively detrimental to the people held in these facilities. Federal government arguments that no individual has yet been charged under these provisions are not sufficient. These laws will actively deter open disclosure of the conditions in the facilities. Health workers have a duty of care, and it is not acceptable that they are silenced by secrecy laws.

“ Many of these asylum seekers have fled their homes due to conflicts in countries where Australia has been part of the attacking forces. The government has a responsibility,  at the very least, to  provide adequate health care. ” said MAPW president Dr Margaret Beavis.

“Secrecy provisions in the Border Force Act are unacceptable. Health workers at the detention centres must be able to advocate on behalf of their patients. “

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