MAPW urges mining company to halt junk science promotion

Melbourne, 28 May. MAPW Vice-President Dr Margaret Beavis will urge the Board of Oz Minerals, at their AGM this afternoon, to stop Toro Energy promoting scientists who claim that low levels of radiation are good for health. Toro Energy is 40% owned by Oz Minerals.

Toro plans to mine uranium at Wiluna in WA, and has paid for at least three speaking tours by controversial Canadian scientist Doug Boreham, who argues low level radiation is beneficial to health. “This is entirely contrary to accepted evidence.” says Margaret Beavis, Vice President of the Medical Association for Prevention of War. “There is no “safe” lower threshold.”

Reports in 2003 from the US National Academy of Science, in 2006 from the Committee for the Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation, and then again in 2010 from the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, all confirm the “Linear No Threshold “model, where radiation is clearly harmful at low levels.

A recent report on 86,000 Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors in fact highlights that low levels of radiation increase cancer rates, and has heightened concerns about the effects of low level radiation.