More Australian Government Action Needed on Ebola

The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) & the Australian Healtcare & Hospitals Association have called on the Australian Government to do more to help stem the spread of ebola across West Africa. Speaking at a press conference Michael Moore, CEO of the PHAA said,

“Australia is lagging behind the US and UK after further commitments from these countries to provide funding and resources to stem the outbreak. The Australian Government’s response has been the provision of an initial $1million to the World Health Organisation in the early stages of the outbreak, followed by an additional $7 million last week. While this investment is welcomed, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the $750 million from the US (as well as military personnel) and £100 million from the UK. Funding needs to include provision for treatment centres, direct medical support, personal protective equipment, training for volunteers and non-profit health workers and  health personnel, a logistics hub and emergency supplies,” 

To read the PHAA briefing on the current situation click here To read the press statement in full click here