"Price of Iraq War too great to repeat": Dr Sue Wareham in Canberra Times

MAPW Vice-President Dr Sue Wareham questions the ethics and legality of the Iraq war in an opinion piece published  by the Canberra Times.

On the 10th anniversary of the invasion, Dr Wareham writes: "With consequences that will span continents and generations, the war has been widely condemned as a monumental disaster. That is not simply with the benefit of hindsight. In the months before the war, millions of people in cities around the world could see that it would be so, but there was an almost chilling disregard for their concerns by those who seemed determined to go to war."

Dr Wareham, who is also the Secretary of the Campaign for an Iraq War Inquiry, argues that Australians "deserve to know. . . how this can be prevented from happening again by an overhaul of the process by which a decision to go to war is made".