Yokohama conference: thousands call for end to nuclear power

The Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World, held in Yokohama Japan 14-15 January, was attended by 11,500 people from over 30 countries, with over 100,000 watching via web stream.

Australian participants included MAPW's Dr Margaret Beavis. Mr. Peter Watts, an Arabunna man from the Olympic Dam uranium mine area, spoke at the opening ceremony about effects of nuclear testing and uranium mining. Australian participants provided an information stall and got hundreds of signatories on our "health warning" postcard calling for an end to uranium sales.

At the closing of the conference, the "Yokohama Declaration for a Nuclear Power Free World" was announced.

The Yokohama Declaration calls for actions to be taken throughout the world on 11 March 2012. It also emphasises:

  1. The protection of the rights of those affected by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident;
  2. Responsibility of the Japanese Government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO);
  3. Minimisation of residents' exposure to radiation;
  4. A global road map for the phase out of the nuclear fuel cycle and the decommissioning of all nuclear power plants;
  5. Currently closed Japanese nuclear power plants to not be reopened;
  6. The prohibition of export of nuclear power plants and components, especially to industrialising nations; and
  7. Emphasis of the role of local and municipal authorities; and declares to develop a global network to support Fukushima.