ICAN Australia releases report on recent NPT (nuclear treaty) meeting

ICANi Australia's report on the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee (NPTi PrepCom) held in Geneva from 28 April to 9 May, has now been finalised.

International campaign to stop HEU use in radiopharmaceutical production

MAY 2008: IPPNWi has launched a medical campaign, as part of ICANi, to accelerate the global conversion of radioisotope-producing reactors from highly enriched uranium (HEUi) to low enriched uranium (LEU).

IPPNW Students launches Small Arms Action Group

The International Student Movement of IPPNWi is proud to announce the development of an international small arms action group for its student members, The International Student Coalition to Abolish Small Arms. This project builds on 'Aiming for Prevention', IPPNWi's campaign to prevent injury and deaith from small arms and light weapons.

Australian adopts stronger position in Geneva nuclear negotiations

GENEVA, 8 MAY 2008. The Australian government has raised several important issues which could help advance the abolition of nuclear weapons, during meetings on the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty this week.

Alice Springs meeting to question Angela Pamela uranium mine

MAPW's Northern Territory branch is supporting a public meeting on proposed uranium exploration at the Angela Pamela deposits, to be held Wednesday 7 May in Alice Springs.

The meeting will provide information on the implications of uranium exploration and mining, and discuss options for community response.

Australia raises Nuclear Weapons Convention at Treaty meeting

GENEVA 30 APRIL 2008. ICANi'S TIM WRIGHT REPORTS:Australia today delivered a statement on nuclear disarmament to the Non-Proliferation Treaty meeting in Geneva. It was much different from statements made in previous years.

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Are you currently studying medicine or other health disciplines? Interested in meeting other health students both here and around the world who are interested in the impact of conflict on human health? Want to advocate for a more peaceful, healthy planet?

Australian NGOs attend UN non-proliferation meeting

GENEVA, 30 APRIL 2008: MAPW Vice-President Tilman Ruff is currently in Geneva attending the NPTi PrepCom (28 April – 9 May), an important meeting of states which are parties to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Tilman is one of two NGOi representatives invited to be on the official Australian delegation.

MAPW raises human costs of war, at Melbourne's Alternative Anzac Day

MELBOURNE, APRIL 25. Over 100 people attended Melbourne's first Alternative Anzac Day commemoration today.

MAPW was invited to make one of a series of brief interventions. Nancy Atkin read a message from IPPNWi Turkey and a poem from David Menkes of IPPNWi New Zealand; and commented briefly on the rapidly escalating human costs of war, over the last 100 years.

Lax safeguards: Scientists drop a nuclear bombshell. 2008

LAX NUCLEAR SAFEGUARDS pose a key threat for Australia and the world, according to an opinion piece published in the Adelaide Advertiser on 22 April 2008; written by MAPW Vice-President Dr Bill Williams, with Professor Jim Falk.