Update on the health effects of French nuclear testing in the Pacific

France conducted atmospheric and underground nuclear bomb tests at Mururoa atoll in the Pacific between 1960 and 1996. The official position is that these were particularly clean.

The War to End All Wars: honoring the dead by learning the lessons

 The "war to end all wars" ushered in a century of violence on an unprecedented scale. A hundred years on, the lessons to be learned appear buried beneath a barrage of commemorative activities. MAPW believes that Australia could best honour those who died by learning from the past.

107 states endorse the humanitarian pledge as NPT Review Conference ends

 May 23, 2015  NEW YORK , USA

Speech by Dr Amanda Ruler for Le Fevre HIgh School, December 2014

Dr Amanda Ruler. RN , PhD. National Vice President , Medical Association for Prevention of War, Australia.

Carolyn Holbrook: Remembering WW1: 2015

Historian Carolyn Holbrook spoke in March, 2015, at an MAPW forum in Fremantle on Australia's commemoration of World War One. She argued that the way we remember past wars influences, for good or ill, our attitude to current and future wars.

Melissa Parkes: Preventing war: 2015

Melissa Parkes, Federal member for Fremantle, spoke in March, 2015, at an MAPW forum organised by the Western Australian branch on Australia's commemoration of the centenary of World War 1. She described the tendency to romanticise war in this commemoration, and the important alternative of thinking in terms of prevention.


Civilian toll is enormous - The AGE letters page, Wednesday 29th April 2015

The AGE  letters page,  Wednesday 29th April 2015

Civilian toll is enormous

MAPW Statement in Commemoration of World War 1


Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH (1930-2015)

The National Council and staff of MAPW were very saddened to hear of the death this morning of Malcolm Fraser. We wish to pass on our sincere condolences to his family.