BREAKING NEWS : IPPNW Statement on the use of chemical weapons and the on-going conflict in Syria

Fukushima Nuclear Plant - Japan's PM says government will get more involved in clean up


Japan's prime minister says the government will get more involved in cleaning up the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, as he described as "urgent" a battle to stop radioactive water from leaking into the ocean.

Syria: MAPW writes to PM

MAPW has written to the Prime Minister on 22 June to express concern at the terrible bloodshed and suffering that is occurring in Syria, with evidence of the humanitarian effects, and a series of recommendations.

Selling our uranium to Emirates: Dr Wareham addresses Treaties Committee

Dr Sue Wareham was invited to a round-table on 17 June with the Australian Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties where she raised significant problems arising from the proposed treaty governing Australian uranium sales to the United Arab Emirates.

Disarmament double-speak

At a recent meeting of parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty in Geneva, the Australian government refused to sign on to an 80-nation statement declaring that any use of nuclear weapons would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences.

MAPW urges against uranium sales to UAE

MAPW has presented a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties against the sale of uranium to the United Arab Emirates.