Can Australia claim to be a sovereign nation?

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser asks us to consider our independence given America's continued military interest in this region. In an article published today in The Age, Mr Fraser reminds us that if we have a sense of pride in being an independent nation then we should think again about our military ties with the USA.

President of MAPW, Dr Jenny Grounds points to win for diplomacy

MAPW President Dr Jenny Grounds, in her letter published in The Age today, congratulates the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to UN weapons inspectors but reminds us all that now its time for the US and Russia to distroy their chemical weapons .  Click Here

Arms trade too secret

Dr Peter Wigg's letter to the Age, Saturday 12th October 2013 pointing out that the arms trade is too secret and as a result very corrupt. Click here to read the letter in full


Nuclear Dump back on NT Table

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a nuclear waste dump are back on the agenda, with the Abbott government commissioning a business case that would allow federal cabinet to consider the project next year and potentially have a facility built by 2019.

MAPW Geelong presents a Musical Medical Soiree

MAPW Geelong presents another Medical Soiree at 7pm, Saturday October 12th 2013, featuring artists from the Theatre of the Winged Unicorn backed by performers from The Geelong College Choir performing selections from Gilbert & Sullivan, then the Pegasus Singers and Christian Hehir & Friends pe