Failure of informed consent? Government information on nuclear waste is misleading and omits important facts.

 MAPW President, Dr Margaret Beavis made the following statement today regarding the misinformation being distributed by the government implying that because of nuclear medicine there is a need for a National Radioactive Waste Repository. 

10 Questions about Nuclear Waste - updated August 2016

Given the high level of public concern about radioactive/nuclear waste, the team at MAPW has put together a factsheet answering the 10 questions we are regularly asked about this type of waste.

If you wish to download a copy of this leaflet click here

Open Letter to Dr Alan Finkel AO, newly appointed Chief Scientist

Today MAPW and the Public Health Association of Australia delivered an open letter to Dr Alan Finkel AO welcoming his recent appointment as Chief Scientist while highlighting the problems associated with pursuing nuclear power as a solution to climate change.

Click here to read the letter in full

Calm heads and clear information needed on nuclear medicine and waste claims

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Medical Isotope Production in Australia - should we be using nuclear reactor or cyclotron based technology?

This newly produced fact sheet sets out the case for producing medical isotopes in cyclotrons instead of nuclear reactors. Click here to read in full.

Radioactive Waste in Australia - New Updated Fact Sheet

MAPW has published an updated factsheet entitled, Radioactive Waste in Australia. The factsheet provides accessible information for individuals and communities wanting to know the facts about the amount of radioactive waste produced from medical sources in Australia. 

The War to End All Wars - All twelve chapters now available

 The "war to end all wars" ushered in a century of violence on an unprecedented scale. A hundred years on, the lessons to be learned appear buried beneath a barrage of commemorative activities. MAPW believes that Australia could best honor those who died by learning from the past.

Is Australia becoming the world’s nuclear waste dump by stealth? - by Margaret Beavis published by the Age & SHM Dec 2nd 2015

Is Australia becoming the world’s nuclear waste dump by stealth?

By Dr Margaret Beavis,
The Age & Sydney Morning Herald
December 2nd 2015


Melbourne : Thursday 26 November 2015 - The Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) today condemned the Australia Government for risking the proliferation of nuclear weapons by confirming the sale of Australian uranium to nuclear-armed India, ignoring its own committees advice.

Change what we can change... by Dr Margaret Beavis

What can we actually do to improve outcomes, when there is an increasing sense of chaos? Working to prevent conflict is hard to sell. Yet there are many positive and effective things we can do here in Australia in response to the horrific events overseas.

We need to play a long game, and embrace and revitalise our strengths.