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Our resources pages list both downloadable resources — like documents, posters or media releases — and links to useful websites. To find resources on a specific issue on this page, click on the list below. To view resources by type, see the menu at left. More recently added resources are at the top.

MAPW Geelong Concert flyer: October 2010

Flyer for Geelong MAPW fund-raising concert on the evening of 16 October 2010, with pianist Dr Robert Schmidli, soloist Ms Lisa Breen and memebrs of the Geelong College choir.

Flyer: Debunking Deterrence, Melbourne public meeting: Commander Rob Green and Dr Kate Dewes, October 2010.

MAPW and ICANi event. Rob Green is a retired British Navy Commander, a former operator of British nuclear weapons and a prominent campaigner against them.

Remember Hiroshima: Morning Vigil

Flyer for Melbourne's early morning vigil on the 65th Anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima: 6 August 2010. Organised by MAPW, Pax Christi and the Society of Friends.  

MAPW Victorian dinner: Radiation regulation in Sweden and Australia

Flyer for MAPW Victorian Branch dinner, Tuesday 10 August 2010.

What does MAPW do: February 2010

One-page flyer describing the work of MAPW over the past year

Membership form

MAPW one-page membership form for download

MAPW membership form.

Membership form for fax-back or posting

Consequences of Nuclear Weapon Use: Poster May 2010

Poster for public lecture by Dr Bill Williams (MAPW President) on the health effects of nuclear war as part of a 6 part public lecture series, "What would Einstein say ?" presented by the South Australian Youth UN Association. Wednesday 19 May 2010.

Our World in Crisis 2010 Brochure

Brochure and application form for Our World in Crisis, a unique 6-week course aiming to "skill, inform and stimulate". Professor Joseph Camilleri, Director of the Centre for Dialogue  at La Trobe University, is the principal facilitator.

New Clear Exchange ICAN workshop: Melbourne 1 May 2010

Flyer for the final New Clear Exchange workshop run  by ICANi and supported by MAPW.

MAPW Victorian Branch flyer, NPT discussion and dinner: April 2010

How can we make sure that Australia supports real progress towards NO nuclear weapons at the NPTi Review Conference in May 2010?

Goya exhibition, "The disasters of war": Flyer for MAPW April 2010

Invitation for MAPW fundraising evening at the exhibition of the original print series of Goya’s The Disasters of War. These extraordinary prints depict the reality of war.

Barwon MAPW 'Global health and war' flyer

Flyer for Barwon MAPW 'Global health and war' meeting.

Membership form +"What does MAPW do?

MAPW membership form for fax-back or posting; including our one-page flyer What does MAPW do?, detailing our last 12 month's activities.

MAPW Victorian Branch flyer: February 2010 dinner and meeting

Flyer for Victorian Branch 9 February 2010 dinner and meeting, with Dr Bill Williams giving an overview of the year's campaigns, and a round-table planning session to follow. (A4 page, two half-page flyers).