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ICANi press relaese on the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan 

Open Letter to Dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist

 Open letter to dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist from the MAPW and the Public Health Association Australia, February 10 2016

Hon Malcolm Fraser & Paul Barratt - make the case for a change in Australian war powers legislation

 The Australian Newspaper

Monday, Sep. 06, 2014

Opinion : Going to war is a matter for parliament

by Hon Malcolm Fraser and Paul Barratt

Hon Malcolm Fraser & Paul Barratt - make the case for a change in Australian war powers legislation

 The Australian Newspaper

Monday, Sep. 06, 2014

Opinion : Going to war is a matter for parliament

by Hon Malcolm Fraser and Paul Barratt

Doctor's to rally against nuclear waste dump at Muckaty

The Northern Territory (NT) branch of the Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) is calling on concerned medical professionals and the public to attend the public rally against the proposed radioactive waste dump at Muckaty, in Tennant Creek, Central Australia, on Sunday 25th May 2014.

Failure of French missile May 2013

Response of French ICANi to the failure of the launch of a missile off the Brittany coast Sunday 5 May 2013

MAPW media release, 3 December 2012: Doctors raise concerns about sloppy radiation science

In this media release MAPW notes that the national conference of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists is hosting Dr Boreham as a speaker on radiation health issues at their Conference this week in Adelaide.

IPAN Media Release: US bases and Clinton-Panetta AUSMIN visit, November 2012

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network Media Release, 14 November 2012: implications of Clinton-Panetta visit to Perth for AUSMIN, November 2012, for US bases, the nature of the US alliance, and Australia's involvement in future wars. Spokesperson Professor Richard Tanter.

Call for Iraq War Inquiry: Media Release, 16 August 2012

Media release for the launch by the Iraq War Inquiry Group, at Parliament House, Canberra, of a call for an independent inquiry into how Australia got into the Iraq War; and the release of a booklet supporting this call. 16 August 2012.

Media Release, “No radiation is without risk”: Doctors oppose expansion of Roxby Downs uranium mine - July 2012

Media release marking presence of MAPW members at Lizards Revenge anti-uranium-mining protest camp near Roxby Downs mine. Includes comment from Dr Hilary Tyler on health hazards of radiation in uranium mining and the rest of the nuclear chain.

Oz Minerals AGM: MAPW media release slams junk science

An MAPW media release issued on the day of the Oz Minerals Annual General Meeting slams uranium miner Toro Energy over junk science, which could put workers at increased risk. Toro Energy is 40% owned by Oz Minerals. Toro plans to mine uranium at Wiluna in WA.

MAPW media release: Doctors slam uranium miner over junk science on radiation safety - 1 May 2012

Announcing a statement signed by 45 medical doctors calling on uranium mining company Toro Energy to stop promoting the view that low-level radiation is beneficial to human health. Toro Energy, which plans to mine uranium at Wiluna in WA and has interests in uranium exploration ventures in the NT and SA, has sponsored speaking tours by controversial Canadian scientist Doug Boreham.T

Former Defence Secretary says we should locate war-making powers in the Parliament: MAPW media release April 2012

Media Release, 27 April 2012. Announcing launch of a paper written by Paul Barratt AO, a former Secretary to the Department of Defence. Mr Barratt says the power to make war should be removed from Executive government (Cabinet) and located in the Australian Parliament.

Cundall and Leunig launch MAPW's “War is a Health Hazard”: Anzac Eve 2012

Media release issued 23 April 2012, promoting launch of MAPW paper on War and Health, at Anzac Eve event with Peter Cundall and Michael Leunig as special guests of MAPW and Brunswick Secondary College. The paper and the event focus on the human and health costs of war. The 2-page paper is written by the President of MAPW, Dr Jenny Grounds.

MAPW media release: Bombing of Darwin Day: Do we need it? - February 2012

This 20 February 2012 media release from MAPW states that Australia does not need yet another annual day to commemorate warfare.