Australians oppose uranium exports to nuclear weapons states

Australians 2-to-1 against uranium exports to countries with nuclear weapons

New polling shows twice as many Australians (62 per cent) are against exporting uranium to countries with nuclear weapons than are in favour (31 per cent).

MAPW President launches call for an end to war fairs

ADELAIDE, 9 NOVEMBER 2008:  MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham OAM has launched a statement on behalf of 36 civil society organisations from across Australia, calling to an end to arms exhibitions in Australia.

MAPW Vice President to advise nuclear Commission Co-chair

ICANi's Australian Chair, MAPW Vice-President Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, has been invited to be an NGOi Adviser to the Co-chair of the International Commission for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament.

Australia's nuclear links breach international obligations: ICAN

28 OCTOBER 2008:   The UN Human Rights Committee meets this week to determine a list of issues to raise with Australia in March 2009, concerning compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Power of Peace at the Port

On  Sunday 21 September MAPW held a peace walk, planting of a peace tree and discussion about peace in the community in Port Adelaide. The day was supported by the City of Enfield/Port Adelaide and was well attended.

Highlights included the peace walk around the streets of Port Adelaide and the planting of a peace tree by the Deputy Mayor, John Croci, J.P.

New fact sheet reviews links between nuclear power and childhood leukaemia

A new MAPW fact sheet summarises and provides the major references - a recent German study, and a new meta-analysis - on the association between childhood leukaemia and nuclear power. 

NT doctors support Alice Springs community in opposing Angela Pamela uranium search

ALICE SPRINGS, 5 OCTOBER 2008: MAPW members were among the 300 community members gathered in the Todd Mall, Alice Springs on Sunday 5 October to oppose uranium exploration at the Angela and Pamela deposits just 25 km away.

Doctors applaud withholding uranium from Russia

CANBERRA, 18 SEPTEMBER 2008: The Medical Association for Prevention of War has welcomed the recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties that Australia does not proceed with uranium sales to Russia until far more stringent measures are in place to separate Russia’s civilian and military facilities.

Uranium sales to Russia too risky, finds Government report

CANBERRA, 18 SEPTEMBER 2008: The Australian Government has received a Committee report recommending against ratifying a treaty which would have allowed uranium sales to Russia to proceed. 

MAPW supporters celebrate arms fair cancellation

MAPW received dozens of enthusiastic messages congratulating us and our partner organisations on our successful campaign to close the arms fair planned for Adelaide in November. Here are just some: